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Standing up for VA-07 Priorities


Children must come first when it comes to education. Instead, the teacher’s unions came first during the... READ MORE

Jobs & the Economy

Washington’s spending has been out of control for too long, but acknowledging the problem hasn’t seemed... READ MORE

Right To Life

Taylor is pro-life and will support policies that promote the dignity of human life. For her, that’s not... READ MORE

Second Amendment

As a gun owner and constitutional conservative, Taylor strongly believes in the importance of our right to... READ MORE

Border Security

There’s no excuse for Washington’s inability to secure our border. Whether we use physical barriers or... READ MORE

Rural Virginia

Agriculture is the largest private industry in Virginia and Taylor will fight for our farmers and growers in... READ MORE

Our Seniors

With Social Security, our nation made a promise to America's seniors. This is their retirement plan. While we... READ MORE

China and American Competitiveness

Washington has allowed Beijing to eat our lunch for too long. Whether it’s cyber attacks or economic... READ MORE

Military & Veterans

Taylor knows first-hand the importance of a strong military and the hardship military service has on... READ MORE


Any American who’s paid a medical bill knows our healthcare system is out of control. Democrats want you... READ MORE


Israel is under constant threat and often attacks in the Middle East from terrorist organizations and hostile... READ MORE

Law Enforcement

When Virginia’s law enforcement needed support, our Democratic representative stayed silent. Meanwhile,... READ MORE

Election Reform

It’s clear that there is a fundamental and dangerous lack of faith in our elections. It’s an issue people... READ MORE