Keeney: Spanberger Spins, She never Leads

GOOCHLAND, Va. – Taylor Keeney, a conservative outside and proven leader, is seeking the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Keeney has never run for office before and is bringing a new voice to the conversation while taking failed problem solver Rep. Abigail Spanberger to task.

“Abigail Spanberger is really good at making it sound like she’s working for common-sense solutions when she’s not,” said Taylor Keeney“This is classic Spanberger spin; she never leads. She did not pressure Nancy Pelosi to stop the games and pass legislation that fixes our nation’s roads, bridges, waterways, and pipelines. Instead, she paraded around pretending to, while actually paving the way for a $3.5 trillion reckless spending plan. Here’s the truth: Spanberger votes in lockstep with Joe Biden even more than radical Democrats like AOC and Ilhan Omar. This is who she is, where she has failed I will lead.”


Spanberger spent 750 words in a Richmond Times-Dispatch op-ed opining on the need for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get a vote, while barely addressing the reason. Democrats like her! There were Democrats who stood up to their leadership, Spanberger was not one of them.

Recently, Spanberger went on MSNBC to discuss the spending package and told Chuck Todd: “…it’s unfortunate that much of the conversation really focused on price tag…”

Spanberger voted to advance portions of the reconciliation package during a vote in the Committee on Agriculture.